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What is Metaverse? Is it the new realm?

 With the change of Facebook’s corporate name to Meta, the attention of the whole world has been turned to the virtual universe called Metaverse. The term metaverse plot has been coming up frequently both around the world and in our country lately. The concept of metaverse first appeared in Neal Stephenson’s 1992 science fiction novel Snow Crash. The concept of metaverse characterized a fictional world. As a matter of fact, the concept of metaverse was criticized as an overly exaggerated and speculative future perspective in the early days of its introduction.

The concept has come to the fore even more, especially when Facebook started to take an interest in the subject. Facebook, which has a huge data repository, has metadata of millions of people.

This gave rise to the concern that an artificial world based on artificial intelligence would threaten the individual borders of people.

Seriously, What Does ‘Metaverse’ Mean?

To put it simply, Metaverse is the name given to a common virtual sharing area created by the combination of all digital worlds, that is, to the fictional universe in which all digital worlds are located. According to many, this Metaverse, which will be held in the coming years, will be reached through virtual reality glasses or augmented reality.

Do you want to touch “Metaverse”?

With the augmented reality, you may touch Metaverse but how?

One of the hurdles to overcome to develop an immersive metaverse experience is mimicking the sense of touch. One of Meta’s Reality Labs Research teams develops comfortable, customizable, and most importantly tactile gloves that meet this challenge. These gloves can reproduce a range of sensations in virtual worlds, including texture, pressure, and vibration.

R & D studies for gloves continue. It is not a dream that in the near future, the use of gloves and sensation-enhancing works with glasses will turn into reality. Research companies explain that hard work has been done to make this experience a reality and that it will come to life in the not too distant future.

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